September 2017 BRIEF | DRDPtech Upload Guidelines

This guidance is designed for CA state funded and Head Start / Early Head Start programs who are using CCR Analytics to upload DRDP data to DRDPtech.

Mar 2017 brief | using ccr drdp reports for decision making

CCR Analytics provides comprehensive reports that let you view your DRDP data at a variety of levels. This month's brief shows the practical application of the different reports, and how to ask the right questions for your program.

jan 2017 brief | ccr reporting methodology

In fall 2016, CCR Analytics changed DRDP reporting methodology. The new methodology is aligned to the California Early Learning Foundations and allows agencies to make meaningful comparisons across sub‐domains and expectations around development at different ages.  Please read our brief for more information. The appendix contains detailed information about the foundation alignments.