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I am interested in the CCR Reporting Module, how do I set up a demo?

Email and we will set up a live demo with you and our partners from Learning Genie.

Tech Savvy and Tech Ready?

Save time and money. Collect, organize and rate your DRDP assessment data on phone, tablet or desktop and get real-time analysis on the CCR Analytics Reporting Module.  Available only through the Learning Genie app.

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Assessment Data Analysis is Integral to Effective Program Evaluation

For the last 10 years you’ve counted on CCR Analytics to provide top-notch analysis on the DRDP. From program impact studies to school readiness analysis, we’ve provided the perspective you need to use your data.

This year we joined forces with Learning Genie to integrate our unique reporting perspective into the Learning Genie Educator app. The CCR Analytics Reporting Module is designed specifically for the DRDP and offers unique reporting perspectives tailor-made for teachers, administrators and program planning.  The powerful and flexible reporting system, will give you unprecedented insights into your DRDP data.   Use it alone or in combination with DRDPtech to get the most value from your DRDP data.  Finally, you’ll be able to answer the question, what percentage of my children are performing at age-level expectations?

  • Bilingual Child Level Reports

  • Custom age-grouping analysis

  • Custom, flexible school-readiness goals reporting

  • Reporting at the Preschool Foundation Expectations Level

The Learning Genie Educator app is proven to save teachers tons of time and enable an                               authentic DRDP assessment. Teachers can upload pictures and comments real-time or afterward,  assigning the same observations to multiple children and multiple measures. Teachers and administrators have visibility on what measures and children still need assessment and can view and monitor the classification of the observations. All this can be done via phone, tablet or desktop. The app is fun and easy to use. We believe this is huge leap forward for the DRDP. Together with the CCR Reporting Module, we believe this really is DRDP Made Easy.

Contact us at 800 493-8621,, or by visiting the Contact Us Page to schedule a demo. 

Not Interested in Tech Solutions?

Eliminate data entry. We scan the DRDPs and upload your results to the CCR Analytics Reporting Module and DRDPTech. Get access to the same great flexible reporting app and analysis, without the tech investment in the classroom.