Data Check©

We’re not a software, we’re a partner.

The DRDP 2015© child assessment is a comprehensive tool for children aged 0-5 and children with IEPs. As a result, it introduced more potential for errors in the assessment process. For typical agencies, we find that 1 in 10 developmental levels can be flagged as a potential error - a 10% potential error rate. For example, since the developmental continuum is broad, inexperienced teachers may not understand that the lower end of the continuum is appropriate only for young infants or how to rate on conditional measures.


If you're looking for a fast and easy way to improve the quality of your DRDP assessments and target training for your staff, Data Check is a good solution for your agency. We provide an experienced perspective on the DRDP error rate at your agency.  Our reports will help guide you to which domains, measures or teachers have higher incidences of potential errors. 

Here is how it works:

  • You download your data from DRDPtech (we can provide you with simple instructions) then upload it to our secure file sharing site. You can even redact child names if you would prefer we only look at ChildIDs.  

  • Within a couple days we will give you a report detailing potential errors and schedule a webinar to review the report with you.

CCR Analytics has been working with the DRDP since 2006 and are fully versed in the complexities of the tool. We also offer supplemental reporting and program impact analysis on the DRDP. Contact us for pricing and other information