Family Engagement Surveys

The Simple Solution for Measuring Family Engagement

The CCR Family Outcomes Surveys are developed specifically for Head Start families, evaluating the diverse efforts and interactions between the program and families.

  • Simple. Our paper surveys capture the results with no data entry. The survey is FREE to all Head Start programs. We provide two surveys - one for the start of the year and one for the end of the program year. The Strengths, Needs, and Interest survey is distributed to parents at enrollment or at the start of the program year. It focuses on immediate needs of families, strengths and interest in program participation. The CCR Family Outcomes survey is distributed at the end of year and focuses on evaluating the experience during the year.

  • Accessible. The tool is fully aligned to the PFCE Framework. It is available in seven languages and written at a 4th grade reading level.

  • Reliable. The tool was developed and tested for reliability with over 1,000 Head Start families in 2013. Since then more than 300,000 Head Start families have completed the survey.

  • Effective. We provide a fee‐based data collection and analysis service, including program, site and class reports, as well a bilingual PowerPoint. Our analysis includes benchmark data and incorporates demographic data already in your management system to provide the perspective you need for on‐going program improvement.

Check out CCR Link to find out more about how we explore the link between Family Engagement efforts and Child Development.

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