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Insight Survey Solutions

Insights Survey Solutions™ by CCR Analytics are focus-grouped tested surveys that allow you to get the insights you need to effectively provide services for the children and families you serve.

Start Today
Get a free copy of the CCR Family Outcomes Survey and the CCR Strengths, Needs, and Interests Parent Survey today. The surveys are aligned to the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework. Eliminate data entry and receive comprehensive reports for less than $2.25 per survey ($1,350 min).

Easy to Implement
Insight Survey Solutions™ are easy to implement, written at the 4th grade reading level, available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese) and have been demonstrated to be psychometrically reliable.

Professional Results
Our fee-based full-service solution includes scanning service (eliminate data entry) and professional reports at all levels of the organization, bilingual PowerPoints, and a narrative report to make it easy to share the results. Compare your results to Benchmark data – allowing you to compare your results to other agencies with similar size, demographics, and funding sources (available to fee-based clients). 

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