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Introducing the CCR Family Outcomes Survey

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The CCR Family Outcomes Survey is available for FREE to all Head Start, Early Head Start, and state early education programs.  CCR Analytics provides fee based services to support the scanning (eliminating the need for data entry), reporting, and analysis of the survey.   The survey is designed to be distributed at the end of the program year.

Aligned to Head Start Framework

The CCR Family Outcomes Survey is aligned to the seven Family Engagement Outcomes included in the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework: Family Well-being, Family Connection to Peers and Community, Parent-Child Relationships, Families as Lifelong Educators, Family Engagement in Transitions, Families as Learners and  Families as Advocates and Leaders

Psychometric Reliability

The CCR Family Outcomes Survey was tested in focus groups with Head Start parents and in a survey of more than 1,000 Head Start parents conducted in the Spring of 2013.  Analysis of the data from the study found high levels of internal consistency with Cronbach Alphas ranging from .72 to .92.

Easy to Understand

The CCR Family Outcomes Survey was written at the 4th grade reading level to ensure that it is easy to comprehend and complete for all families.  The survey is also available in four languages:  English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

Reporting on the survey results is available at every level of the organization including class, family service worker, site, and agency reports.  The standard analysis package also comes with a narrative report (more text, fewer graphs) highlighting the key findings of the survey and a Spanish/English power point presentation to make the results easy to share with a Board of Directors, the Policy Council, executives, or community stakeholders.  Head Start specific benchmarks will be available in the Summer of 2014.


FREE!  Request a copy of the CCR Family Outcomes Survey

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