CCR Linking Dashboard

Engage. Explore. Monitor.

CCR Analytics has been at the forefront of Head Start data analysis since 2006.  Our new CCR LINKing Dashboards bring together our high-quality analytical insights into a cost-effective, Head Start specific, interactive dashboard.  It enables you to visualize your data, filter on demand, and explore the relationships between your critical data elements. You can explore the impact of attendance on child development, or isolate the needs and outcomes of your most vulnerable families. 

The CCR LINKing dashboards include the most critical components of Head Start, including child assessment (TS Gold or DRDP), family engagement (CCR Family Outcomes, Parent Gauge or Child Plus), CLASS, and attendance giving you the actionable information to drive your continuous quality improvement process.  Imagine your next self-assessment with the benefit of a fully integrated data-set for you and your team to explore.  Getting these data insights will be fast, informative, and fun for your team.