Data Collection, Analysis and Integration for Early Education Programs, Head Start and Early Head Start

We’re Not a Software, We're a Partner

All those in favor of evidence-based change? That’s us! Since 2006, CCR Analytics (formerly Child Care Results) has provided top-notch child and family outcomes analysis, reduced data entry, and delivered decision-makers with data analysis they can use. Telling stories with your data and more importantly, making decisions based on data, requires not only high-quality data, but an in-depth understanding of industry-specific regulations and the experience to avoid inaccurate conclusions. Through careful analysis, we empower your agency to make evidence-based process improvements.

Data Collection

CCR Analytics reduces costs and administrative workload. For agencies with limited access to technology and an over-burdened staff, we provide standardized scan-friendly family surveys and child assessments, eliminating data entry and requiring no computer access. For agencies with robust access to technology we have a partnership with Learning Genie ( for assessment collection and the ability to integrate data from any management system or assessment software. We are also accustomed to unconventional data sources and can integrate these into productive data sets that can be analyzed and uploaded to management systems.

Data Quality

CCR Analytics continuously improves the quality of your data. We evaluate data quality, identifying missing observations, duplicates, inconsistencies and utilize research-tested ways of interpreting the data. We provide you metrics on the quality of your data, as well as ways to improve it, ensuring that the data quality constantly improves.

Data Integration and Visualizations

CCR Analytics helps to make sense of the many different types of data you collect. Integration of data from a broad array of sources (e.g. child assessment, family engagement, health metrics and CLASS scores) illuminates the relationships between your different services. Examining the data visually, with caveats for statistical reliability, allows patterns to be seen where they otherwise would be lost. We focus on those questions where agencies can impact change. CCR Analytics has the flexibility to give you access to these data sets for your own analysis or produce reports of the major findings, so you can get on with your job.

Decision Support, Technical Assistance and Sharing Your Results

To make effective decisions, access to benchmarks, statements of statistical reliability and industry-specific interpretations are critical. We have a broad toolset—ranging from traditional statistical inference, psychometric analysis, tests of validity and reliability, to cluster analysis, survey design and data mining. Most importantly, we understand that a critical insight must be communicated effectively to make a difference. Our experienced staff is available to walk you through the analysis, participate in webinars, and prepare the types of deliverables you need to impact change.

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