DRDP Made Easy Since 2006

Providing Value-Added Analytics and Reducing Data Entry

CCR Analytics provideS top-notch DRDP analysis, reduceS data entry, and delivers decision-makers with data analysis they can use. 

We pioneered reporting and analysis for the DRDP and have worked with it almost exclusively since 2006 developing, improving and pushing the field to use the DRDP for continuous program improvement.  

No matter how you use the DRDP, where you enter the data, or requirements you have around reporting, we take your DRDP data and integrate it into your program improvement cycle.

If you enter your DRDP data into a software, we take an export of this data.  With your permission, we can export data from DRDPtech, Learning Genie, COPA, Child Plus, Noho, Promise and almost any other data management system.  We also export demographic data from your management system on the children and families.  This allows us to combine data from multiple softwares and integrate demographic data on the families not required by the DRDP.   

Since we're not a software, we can partner with you to answer the questions most relevant to your agency about the efficacy and impact of program options, coaching methods, attendance, and child and family demographics.  We also provide extensive quality checks on the data, so you can identify the teachers who may be using the tool incorrectly.  We can also upload your data to DRDPtech if it is stored in another software.  CCR Analytics partnered with Learning Genie to develop the CCR Analytics Reporting Module embedded in the Learning Genie app.  Click here to learn more.

If your DRDP data is collected on paper we eliminate all the data entry associated with DRDP.  We scan the rating records and can upload the assessment results directly into DRDPtech.  This greatly simplifies the process for programs without access to computers and gets your data into DRDPtech in a timely manner.

All our DRDP analysis deliverables include agency, program, site, class and child level reports, as well as a PowerPoint and Executive Summary of your results.