Desired Results Scanning & Analysis

DRDP© Data Quality, Collection and Analysis - Not a Software

DRDP© Data Quality, Collection and Analysis

For agencies without access to tablets or computers in the class, we provide you with a comprehensive DRDP© child assessment solution.  From user-friendly data collection forms, to data consolidation, our service is built to improve your program.  We eliminate the hassle and headache of child assessments by eliminating data entry and providing the information you need through thoughtful reports.  Our solution gives you the tools you need to showcase your program and isolate improvement areas- all in a timely, proven package.  We can also upload the data to DRDPtech for you! 

If you're ready to start using tablets in the classroom, check out our partnership with Learning Genie.  Your teachers will love the observation process and assessment quality will improve as a result. 

analysis comes standard

CCR Analytics reports were developed by focus groups of teachers, administrators, and analysts to make sure the data is presented in ways that are clear, practical, and enlightening.  Our DRDP results are aligned to the California Preschool Foundations giving teachers, administrators and parents a clear view of where their child is developmentally on a scale that makes sense. 

Data Quality reports point to irregularities in the data, data outside of expected bounds, and areas of training of staff.  Bi-lingual Child level reports summarizes data at the domain level for parents.  Class and Site level reports highlight outcomes and data quality metrics that will improve the quality of your assessment process over-time.  

Agency and program level reports highlight the overall results but also identify the program impact you are making on children. No other solution or software can answer the critical question: How Much Does Our Program Contribute to the Development of Children?

how it works - this is not a software

Not a software - no IT support or training needed.  This solution works with all variations of the desired results system, including Infant and Toddler (IT), Preschool (PS), School Age (SA), School Readiness (SR), and ACCESS.  If you currently enter your data into ChildPlus, DRDPtech or another management system you can still take advantage of our high quality reports.

Step 1: You send us a complete roster of children in your program.
Step 2: We send a pre-printed rating record for each child enrolled in the program.
Step 3: Your teachers complete the full assessment and transfer the results to the data entry form.
Step 4:  You mail the complete forms to us and we scan the forms. That's it!
Step 5:  You'll receive complete custom reports that teachers and administrators can use to make informed decisions -- not just a list of numbers.  

Your targeted analysis helped me isolate the strengths of my program. And the data consolidation made the child assessment process a breeze. Thanks so much!
— Para Los Niños Los Angeles, CA
[The results were] studied in-depth during professional developments, team collaboration meetings and will be used to plan lessons and activities. All the data will help establish centers goals and enhance parent involvement and engagement.
— ECED, Los Angeles Unified School District
First of all, let me tell you again how thrilled we are with our REPORTS! We had a Staff development day on Friday and used the data to discuss goals for the growth and goals for next year etc. Your reports so facilitated our process. I am excited to share the agency wide analysis as well. You guys are great!
— Pajaro Valley Unified School District Watsonville, CA