CCR Link ™ Linking Child and Family Outcomes

Measuring the Impact of Family Engagement on Child Development

How much do your family ENGAGEMENT efforts contribute to child development?

CCR Analytics is proud to offer the unique analysis service CCR Link™.  We use your existing child assessment and family engagement data and prepare a report on how your efforts in family engagement translate to child development.  This means we quantify the amount of child development growth that we attribute to specific areas of family engagement.  

CCR Analytics has worked with dozens of Head Start programs linking child assessment data with family outcomes data - and we work with most assessment tools (DRDP, TS Gold, Ounce, Portage, and others) and various different family outcomes measurement tools, including the FREE CCR Family Outcomes surveys.  

We use advanced statistical methods to give you unbiased results, presented in a professional package for internal planning, advocacy, grant-writing, and community engagement.  This cutting analysis will demonstrate your program is serious about using data for program improvement in a valid and unbiased way.

The best way to determine if your program has a data set we can work with, is to give us a call and walk through the process together.  Click here to preview the methodology shared in our "Exploring the Link" presentation. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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