Family Interest and Literacy Survey (State Preschool Programs)

Designed to measure family interests and family literacy to inform family engagement

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Interested in identifying and measuring the interests and family literacy of your state-preschool parents? CCR Analytics just released the CCR Family Interest and Literacy Survey. The survey allows you to identify the needs, interests, family literacy and parent volunteer preferences all in one comprehensive parent survey distributed at the beginning of the school year.

CCR Analytics offers a comprehensive, fee-based full-service solution. We pre-print the surveys and mail them to you, scan the completed results and provide a professional report package. The survey is written at the 4th grade reading level and available in English and Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. The report package includes reports on every level of the organization, a bilingual PowerPoint and a narrative report as well as linking the results to your DRDP child assessment data. It allows you to get the answers to the critical questions on parents’ needs and interests to inform your family engagement efforts at the beginning of the school year.

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